Bookkeeping Services (tailored to client’s needs)
Bank Reconciliations
Cash Flow Management
Business Reports (customized to client’s needs)
Tax filings (including Sales and Use tax, Payroll, etc.)

Preparation and filing of payroll reports
Customized reports to suit client’s needs
1099 filing and processing for Contract Labor
Compliance advice regarding State and local Departments

Preparation and Consulting
Preparation and filing of Business and Personal Tax Returns
(Federal and State Returns)
Tax Planning
Tax Response
Estimated Taxes
IRS Audit Support

Quarterly meetings designed to bring small business owners
the resources they need to successfully operate their growing businesses

Send out customer statements on time to get paid and track late payments to resolve these problems quickly. Safeguard customer relations by properly recording all payments.

Reduce the need to borrow money due to poor cash flow. Stop wasting money buying what isn't selling and set your prices based on profit instead of conjecture.

Identify profitable cross-selling opportunities and know which money-making profit lines to expand, and which ones to drop because they're money-losers. Never pay a bill twice by mistake or lose a discount by paying a vendor late.

Know how much you owe to avoid penalties and interest. Track you expenses in detail to know where to reduce and where to put excess cash to work. Never spend beyond your budget, and get the max tax deductions for your expenses.

Successful People Dont Fear Failure

We will help you determine you goals, and develop plans to reach them.

That which is monitored, improves.

Treasury Dept.By Florian Hirzinger - (Own work)[CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons


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